How to build sound into your brand experience strategy

How to build sound into your brand experience strategy

Today, companies are faced with challenges around marketing to the biggest spending generation: Millennials. According to Forbes, Millennials are looking to brands to create an authentic experience in order to build trust. And the fastest way to build trust with Millennials is through music, because it speaks to them on a deeper level.

Just as technology develops, so does a consumer’s taste for marketing which impacts your brand experience strategy. Putting it simply: music has the power to evoke real emotion in your customers and it causes them to act, all whilst building a total brand experience.

Here are a few ways that you can begin to implement music in your strategy and effectively target your growing Millennial consumers:

By creating a music community

Companies like Red Bull and Converse are guiding the way for others with their music platforms, geared to give local musicians air-time. These companies have set out to build their brand by implementing a larger focus on their values and how that translates to their audience. In the case of Red Bull, this meant understanding what their target audience wants from a brand. Thanks to a research done by Momentum Worldwide, it was revealed that Millennials who engaged in a unique branded live experience in the music space had a 37% better perception of the brand and were 55% more likely to trust the brand. We can now see exactly what this generation is asking for.

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By using it as a loyalty program

You may already be using music to build your total brand experience in the community, in which case it’s also important to make sure you keep the customers you have. Using music in a customer loyalty program can take on any number of forms, from a music streaming service offer, vouchers and coupons to live music events.

By enhancing your marketing strategy with music

Instead of promoting your products or services under regular marketing methods, you can use music to enhance your brand experience strategy. Consider this ad:

It says nothing about the product, per se. Instead, it presents a total brand experience that reflects the brand’s values and mission, which is far more valuable to Millennials than any long list of features and benefits. Commercials, just like the one above, highlight the ineffectiveness of brands that list the benefits of their product or service. Imagine if this ad went into the history, values, mission and benefits of the Super Bowl. It would be bland and consumers would simply switch off.

So, inject some music into your brand to see how you can better attract and keep Millennials loyal to your business. For a comprehensive guide to engaging Millennials, watch the video infographic ‘’5 Marketing Secrets to Engage Millennials’’.

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