Why music and exercise go well to improve customer engagement

Why music and exercise go well to improve customer engagement

When you play music during exercise, there’s a good chance it’s upbeat in lyrics and tempo. The psychology behind this is relatively straightforward. Music lights up areas of your brain that cause you to feel emotions, depending on the memories, feelings and new experiences you have with a certain song. Music has the ability to make you feel the high of highs and even the low of lows, which makes it an important, powerful tool for customer engagement.

When it comes to engaging your customers, there are studies to show that engaging through emotion is important because “it drives attention, which in turn drives learning and memory”. In the marketing world, this is all anybody should be aiming to do: get attention, teach about the brand, and make it memorable.

In understanding what it is that makes music so good for exercise, you can take away the key elements and apply them to your brand strategy for effective customer engagement. The below infographic explains how music makes exercising more bearable, and even enjoyable.

customer engagement infographic

So, your best customer engagement strategy looks a little like this:

  1. Make the first beat matter – Choose something that speaks about your brand, but also about your target audience.
  2. Put an action to the beat – Don’t just play a song, give them an action to complete.
  3. Continue to choose the right beat for your brand – This goes without saying.
  4. Measure the effects of the beat on your customer’s engagement levels – If you don’t know where you came from, how will you know how far you’ve come?
  5. Mix it up to see what works best – Now that you’ve got a confident brand, and confidence from your customers, you can play a little.
  6. Try all genres – See what speaks best and who it’s speaking to.
  7. Keep the tracks rotating – Keep the music playing for your brand (this is implied logic).

Check out Coca Cola for a great example of a company that took all the elements of this infographic to become the international giant they are today.

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