Written by Mario Forsyth

Mario has spent +25 years in the music and technology industries leading strategic planning initiatives, marketing programme development, execution and negotiating global licenses for top tier clients, including Fender and Global Eagle Entertainment. Utilising the skills built up over his career, he is now advising and working closely with music services, record labels and brands in Europe for Tuned Global.

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What do fitness brands need to consider to integrate music into their streaming service?

The fitness space has been going through a significant transition since 2018 with the emergence of connected devices targeted at the home exercise market. The lockdown experienced in 2020 accelerated this transition with the advent of live and on-demand classes to groups of fifty plus. The benefits for all are clear, no more travelling to the gym or struggling to book a class and a much larger audience.
But what about the music? User experiences vary from no music at all to a request for users to select a playlist on Spotify, to instructors playing music without licensing, generating a significant business risk.

Let’s dig through the challenges and solutions around music and streaming in the digital fitness industry.

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