Music streaming, the conquest of Africa has just started

A very young population, a smartphone rate which is exploding, and an undeniable musical wealth: Africa has never been so courted, even in small French-speaking countries where major labels are coming, to invest in streaming.

The time when pirate tapes and CDs were sold in the street under photocopied packaging is gone! Listening to online music and the arrival of the 3G connection in capital cities is changing everything.

"Everyone knows that the market will explode. There is talk of $80 million for the streaming market in 2020 in Nigeria", says Jean-Noel Tronc, from SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) in France.

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Study on music streaming habits in Indonesia - 2016

With a massive population of over 250 million, big companies have their eyes set on Indonesia. Statistics show that the total number of mobile phone users for 2017 is expected to rise to a whopping 173 million, making this country an attractive territory for mobile marketing.  

But while Indonesia is a promising market because of the density of its consumers on mobile, geography is a hurdle for all marketers. With over 17,000 islands and more than 726 dialects spoken across the archipelago, how can brands reach this seemingly fragmented audience?

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Why digital music provides the best brand experience

When it comes to the best brand experience, there are a few companies that stand out from the crowd. These companies maintain a number of elements that serve to engage and interact with its audience. For many big name brands, music is one of the most diverse, useful elements that build the best brand experience for their customers. According to the IFPI Global Music Report (2016) “The global music market achieved a key milestone in 2015 when digital became the primary revenue stream for recorded music, overtaking sales of physical formats for the first time.” If the report can tell you anything, it’s that Millennials place a lot of importance on their ability to access new music, even if it’s as a part of a brand experience.

But who are the companies that have used  digital music as part of their brand experience strategy?

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4 Best music genres for brand building & audience engagement

Time Magazine took to Twitter in December 2014 to work out which genres were the most talked about in the lead up to the Grammys. Thanks to this information, you can easily apply it to your company’s brand building strategy and see the difference it makes.

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Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign utilises music and playlists to reach Gen Y

In June, Hillary Clinton released a specially curated playlist on Spotify,hoping to endear herself to younger audiences. Music on her playlist includes several girl power anthems such as Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar’ and Ariana Grande‘s ‘Break Free’, but it also features diverse songs to rev you up before a rally such as Gym Class Heroes‘ ‘The Fighter.’
And even more recent, with the United States Women winning the World Cup in soccer, Hillary celebrated by curating a playlist specifically for the historic win. Her list was filled with victory-themed songs such as Queen‘s We Are The Champion’s and Journey‘s Don’t Stop Believin’.

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Brands are missing the opportunity to create brand loyalty by offering consumers digital music experiences

Brands need to consider digital music as a key part of their content marketing strategies, in order to deeply connect with their customers and build loyal relationships by offering positive experiences through music.

Today’s marketers are astutely aware of the vast changes in digital music consumption with 67% of music consumers now listening to music online according to the 2014 Nielsen Music Report. While Edison’s ‘Share of Ear’ study said that people spend an average of four hours and five minutes each day consuming audio, meaning music is their top form of entertainment.

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The Streaming effect...

Streaming is simply amazing... and it just keeps getting bigger and better as we move towards a millennium that gives us increased access to networks and further advances being made by technology.

Today, media can be streamed either live or on demand. Lets define Streaming...

"Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider."

There are so many different topics and mediums that you can stream from as I will give you a few examples in this article.

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Celebrities making videos go Viral

We were sitting down watching one of the funnest videos on youtube , a parody of the song 'All the Leaves are brown by The Sketch Show and we were stunned that it had just under thirty thousand views, so it got us thinking... WHY? do some videos go viral and some don't.

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