Connect with customers by building your brand through music

How music and brand partnerships engages customers better

There’s no denying that music has an incredible affect on advertising sales. With 98% of people across the globe reporting that they listen to music, there is a big opportunity for companies to start building a brand with music. Music and brand engagement has a reputation for engaging customers and increasing ROI to brands over time and with the review of Nielsen’s “Emotions giving a Lift to Advertising” report (2016), it’s evident that ads with the best emotional response generated a 23% increase in sales volume.

Below are three important elements that leads music and building your brand to connect with customers better than any other means of content marketing.

Evokes emotion

First and foremost, the main reason behind any brand’s engagement campaign is to evoke an emotion and strike up that connection with the customer. Consumer behaviour over the years has evolved into emotional decisions based on the connection they share with the brands they buy from.

Marc Gobé’s, marketing expert and author; view suggested that the emotional aspects of a brand were the key differentiator for the customer when reviewing competitor brands. The easiest, most effective brand engagement and least costly way to stand out to your customer was through music.

Gets people moving/doing

More than anything you want customers to feel the need to act when they come into contact with your brand, building brand awareness which can be achieved with a combination of music and brand engagement. A recent ad campaign by Under Armour, called “Rule Yourself”, creates a stir in the online community with a video that challenges customers to act. The music in this clip hypnotises the viewer with singers repeating numbers (or reps) over and again. Combined with the action of the film, the music is strongly and plainly instructing the viewer to be the sum of their training.

Of course, the responses were positive and action fuelled:

Builds brand’s voice

Typically, music enhances video, creating a playful environment and downpour of positive responses online. There are plenty of ads by Nike that represents the brand’s voice, and the 2015 Nike commercial: “We’re Short a Guy” is no exception. This combination of music and brand engagement draws in customers.

Now for a look at the responses:

A recent study by Digital Strategy Consulting  indicated that 73% of people believe that music partnerships improve brand image, while another 70% think that music makes a brand stand out from its competitors. As you can see from the last tweet, this is fairly well understood amongst customers.

Engage with customers by introducing music in the brand building process, creating a partnership that will transcend much of the content you are producing. By essentially serenading your target audience, you are building strong brand-customer relationships and establishing your brand voice, taking you above the rest.

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