Why emerging marketers are investing in mobile advertising

Over the years, Indonesia has been one of the most dynamic mobile ad markets in the world (Redwing) with mobile advertising platform Inmobi claiming that ad volumes grew 100% from 2011 to 2012.

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How industry players can collaborate to offer music streaming services

In recent times, there has been a major shift in how brands, labels and technology providers are engaging and communicating with consumers due to the digital revolution. What is often seen as three different enterprises leveraging the same universal language, music, must now work out a way to come together and provide the best music streaming services to engage music fans in the most memorable way. The digital landscape brings us now to a much more sustainable environment that allows brands to measure ROI while sending targeted messages to collect user data. In the end, this initiative will drive brand affinity, customer loyalty and ultimately, increase conversion. The key to working together effectively is to move from a client-supplier relationship  to one of a more unified approach and economy, namely the partnership between brands, tech platforms and record labels. Too often, the relationship between industry players is one that is more compartmentalised, instead of an opportunity to grow the market together by achieving a common goal. To collaborate successfully, there needs to be a transparent and open discussion between all parties involved, and a willingness to approach the market challenges with a fresh agenda.

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How technology amplifies music experiences in festivals

Music festivals are huge events in the cultural calendar and they have now extended their reach globally by attracting a much wider audience of non-festival goers, who will tune into social media because of the “halo effect” that influential celebrities bring to these events. It’s the clothes they’re wearing, how they’ve done their hair and who they are with, that people are also interested in. No doubt, fashionable celebrities coupled with exciting performance line-ups have turned festivals into a massive social media phenomenon.

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Deloitte Digital elevates experiential marketing with music lab

Deloitte Digital is showcasing its new "creative digital consultancy" at South by Southwest music festival this year. Deloitte Digital treats music fans with a rare opportunity to co-create music with popular indie artists using experiential marketing. The focal point for this exhibit is an interactive music lab, which uses interchangeable technology respectively with sensory experiences, all laced in a side serving of social media.

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How festivals use technology to create authentic music experiences

Brands want festival goers to enjoy the best possible music experience by making it all about authentic experiences. We’ve seen how big retail brands, like Hunter and H&M,  have leveraged music sponsorships to engage millennials. With today’s advancements in the technological landscape, being connected has become one of the most vital tools in the music festival experience. For the tenacious festival goer, making it all about the music and nothing else is the advant music fans expectation. Today's music fans have an array of options due to these advancements in technology, such as websites where they can purchase tickets to the gadgets they use to enjoy the festival's activities.

Festival goers now have an array of tools at their fingertips to make the experience an enjoyable one with minimal disruption such as wristband activation, friend finder, shuttle tracker and meal planner, to name just a few.

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Uber uses music and other content to gather customer data

Uber Technologies Inc. is achieving global success and have so far successfully achieved verb status: “you don't call a car, you uber-a-car”. The company is now introducing a new feature to its app called Trip Experiences. App makers will be granted access to its service to give riders customised music, news and even restaurant reviews.

This new feature will see Uber leveraging music and other entertainment content  as a bid to get to know their customers better using app integrations in the mobile space.

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Joy of Jazz festival brings music experiences to life

The Joy of Jazz Festival is one of the biggest music festivals held in Johannesburg each September, where music fans are treated to a stellar line-up of some of the world’s most talented musicians. This year, the festival’s sponsors decided to extend the reach of the festival to some very lucky motorists during rush hour traffic via an unorthodox and creative marketing campaign, bringing music experiences to life.

In what would be considered an authentic concert experience and extending the event’s  reach outside of the jazz festival, music fans were treated to a two-hour gig on a live jazz billboard on the corner of William Nicol and Republic roads in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

The live jazz performance on a billboard marked the start of South Africa’s premier jazz music festival, which featured more than 20 artists from across the globe and one authentic marketing campaign to reach wider audiences.

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Is Taylor Swift the most powerful person in the music industry?

She's mega successful, she has millions of devoted fans known as Swifties and has a permanent place in pop culture history, thanks mainly to that incident Kanye West would probably prefer to remove from our memories. Now she has taken on the most powerful tech company and she won!

So the question beckons... Is Taylor Swift the most powerful person in the music industry? John Mellencamp seems to think so.

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How does Shazam drive up in-app engagement by sharing artist's exclusive content?

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular music discovery app’s and is usually thought of by music fans as being one-dimensional, with their identify song’s and leave function. Their latest feature is giving fans the opportunity to see what their favourite artists are listening to. The company is calling this transition from a pure “discovery” experience to a “shared discovery” experience.

The app is increasing engagement with users by keeping them within the app for longer periods, a strategy that could ultimately lead to greater ad revenue. In addition, it is possible that it might assist in picking up a few extra “referral” sales if Shazam users happen to love what their favourite artists love.

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The music app that only plays on the Williamsburg Bridge NYC

The Brooklyn record label, UNO NYC, released on Wednesday 15th of July a music app that only works on the Williamsburg Bridge. It tailors a new 2 track playlist daily to your exact location on the East River overpass.

The "local’s" local station, WBBR is only broadcast on the bridge. The app switches on automatically when you arrive at the bridge and plays fast-paced songs as you move up the bridge and more chilled low tempo tracks as you travel down towards land.

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