Why music is key in your customer retention strategy

Music is key in your customer retention strategy

Have you ever caught yourself humming the theme song to a TV show, ad or even just a new song? Plenty of brands have figured this out and are using music in their marketing campaigns for better customer retention solutions.

But there are still companies who aren’t sure whether implementing music in their brand strategy is the right choice for them. To aid you in your decision, take a look at the below infographic that highlights the benefits of music on the brain. In turn this information gives you an insight into what your customers are getting from the companies who use music in their customer retention strategy, like:

If you have heard of the above companies, it’s probably because they are doing their marketing the right way. By using music in your campaigns, you are providing your brand with a voice, and are on the way to an improved customer retention strategy. 

The Psychology of Music

With growing and changing generations, it’s now important for your brand to recognise that there are different needs of our current customers, the Millennials. According to Momentum, 90% of Millennials claim that music helps them to escape, and 81% submit that music triggers their best memories.


Improve your customer retention strategy easily as people are more inclined to remember your brand in the same way you remember others – with music.

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