Study on music streaming habits in Indonesia - 2016

music streaming habits in Indonesia

With a massive population of over 250 million, big companies have their eyes set on Indonesia. Statistics show that the total number of mobile phone users for 2017 is expected to rise to a whopping 173 million, making this country an attractive territory for mobile marketing.  

But while Indonesia is a promising market because of the density of its consumers on mobile, geography is a hurdle for all marketers. With over 17,000 islands and more than 726 dialects spoken across the archipelago, how can brands reach this seemingly fragmented audience?

Understanding what content Indonesians want on mobile is the first step to connect with these consumers. In a report published by Jakpat, a mobile survey provider in Indonesia, it was revealed that top daily activities on mobile include social media, chatting, listening to music and gaming. In the 16 to 19 year-old age bracket, 59.56% listen to music daily on their smartphone, compared with 51% of the 20-35 year-old group

Because music is an engaging content on mobile, there is no doubt that brands can use it as a universal language to break down dialect barriers and be a part of Indonesians’ daily routines. Following this thought, we used Jakpat platforms to conduct a study on 504 smartphone owners in Indonesia to understand how they stream music on mobile. The respondents were mostly aged between 18 and 29 years, with an equal representation of men and women. Read about our key findings as outlined below.  

How many hours per week do you stream music online on your mobile? 

The majority of Indonesians are streaming 1 to 6 hours per week of music on their mobile. An average of 2 hours of listening per week for 61% of streamers.


This finding is consistent with the conclusion of the Jakpat report that Indonesians listen to music on their mobiles on a daily basis as part of their digital pleasure fulfillment.

What are the 2 main constraints that keep you from streaming more music on your smartphone?

Indonesian streamers would love to stream more music but their main barrier is low connectivity in their country, and the consumption of their Internet data.

Main constraints that keep people to stream more music on mobile

Moreover, in a report by Redwing, it was revealed that of the 278 million mobile subscribers, 98% are pre-paid users. The report also shows how many subscribers hold two or three active SIM cards – and often own two or three phones. People do this in order to find the best signal quality (for higher end subscribers) or the cheapest prices (for lower end subscribers). The challenge for Indonesia’s telco providers is how to drive the growth of data subscribers and the associated data revenues.

This reality should influence music app providers to improve their caching systems whilst ensuring they are providing low bandwidth options to users. People in these markets are clear that they value low bandwidth usage more than high audio quality.

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What are your 3 favourite moments to stream music online on your smartphone?

Music is for the majority of respondents a way to relax alone after a long day of working or being by the beach. In second place, streamers listen to music when they are busy with their daily chores, including cleaning and cooking. Music is a companion for people when they are reading, working, commuting and training. In the end, music is also a great way to socialize with friends.

Favourite moments to stream music on smartphone

Listening to music to perk up daily routines is not surprising. In a research published in PLOS ONE, it showed that even sad music can lift your mood, whilst another study reveals how music can boost happiness and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

“The results help us to pinpoint the ways people regulate their mood with the help of music, as well as how music rehabilitation and music therapy might tap into these processes of comfort, relief, and enjoyment,” said lead author, Tuomas Eerola, Ph.D., a professor of music cognition at Durham University, in a press release.

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Do you stream music on your mobile when you have a wifi connection or use your mobile data? 

As we have stated previously, data consumption is a main concern for Indonesians when they are streaming music. The majority of people stream music by switching from Wifi to mobile data throughout the day, dependent on where they are. Whenever viable, they will immediately switch to a Wifi connection to save a few gigs.

Streaming music on mobile through Wifi VS Mobile data

Indonesians who want to save their data have to be resourceful in their mobile app usage. Malls are incredibly important places in Indonesia as they have become the public meeting places of choice of Millennials for a few reasons. Most Indonesians like to socialise at malls and lastly, the mall offers free Wifi. It is not rare to see a group of friends sitting around at the mall while conversing with a mobile phone in hand and streaming their favourite music.

How often do you stream music on your computer?

Frequency of streaming music via a computer

Even though Indonesia is a mobile first country, 62% of streamers will at least listen to music on their computer once a week, with 46% of respondents streaming music more than 2 times a week on a desktop. 


In conclusion, music is a daily companion for Indonesian people who enjoy streaming music on their smartphones on average 2 hours per day, mainly when they get a Wifi connection to save their mobile data. At the same time, in this country, the marketers are searching to find innovative solutions to engage their customers on mobile in a country where 300 different native languages are spoken.

Music could become the universal language that connects people and brands together?

This being one of the reasons we launched Nada Kita in Indonesia, a 100% free music app that gives users unlimited free access to the sounds of their favorite local music artists without consuming a lot of mobile data. We give brands the opportunity to use Nada Kita to create innovative and meaningful connections with Indonesian consumers.

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