Why customer engagement with brands is down in 2016

customer engagement down in 2016

The changing landscape of marketing means that customer engagement has taken a hit leading into the first couple of months in 2016. Also affecting the level of engagement is the rise of the Millennial and what marketers understand in order to connect with them. To  understand what it is you should be doing to enhance your brand, it’s important to first understand why customer engagement dropped this year.

Here are the top 4 reasons that brands are seeing less customer engagement in 2016:

Pouring money into ads

Millennials aren’t interested in your traditional advertising. In fact, in a study done by Forbes, only 1% stated that a compelling advertisement would increase their trust for the brand. So, thanks to Tivo and Adblock, they no longer need to spend time listening to what they deem to be “spin”, instead electing which brands they connect with. Original content reigns over ads, and better yet, music is a cost effective way to build lasting relationships with customers. Find out more about How Music Helped Build Brands here.

Not having an optimised website

If you haven’t optimised your website for mobile use, you’re about to take another hit. A website on desktop computers tend to take 1 – 2 seconds to load, but the same website (not optimised for mobile) will take roughly 5 seconds to load. But before it even has the chance to load your customer will have left the website. According to studies undertaken by Forbes, only 14% of customers use mobile browser, while 86% prefer to use apps. So now it’s not only about having a mobile friendly website for major B2C companies, it’s about developing an app version of it.

Producing Content that doesn’t connect

A Study by Heartbeats International’s Sounds Like Branding (2009)[1] [2]  shows 97% of companies believe that building a brand with music will be more important for customer engagement. With companies like Nike, Apple and Google producing campaigns based around quality content, enhanced by music, it’s not hard to believe that this prediction from 7 years ago was right. Customer engagement relies on content that connects the customer with the brand, by evoking emotions in the audience and thus building brand loyaty. Music has the ability to promote a range of emotions within people, triggering memories and feelings, an idea that major companies have used in their campaigns to build a closer relationship with their customers.

Selling Products and Services

It’s never been about the product or service itself. It’s about the experience your customer receives from being your customer. Brands are expanding their voice and value via brand building tools offering something more important than something like shoes. They are offering the experience you get with the shoes. In fact, many ad campaigns run by these leading brands are hard to decipher – what exactly are they selling? According to Bloomberg Business, Millennials are particularly interested in these enhanced shopping and recreational experiences.

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