HP launches streaming service to engage millennials into buying laptops

HP Lounge

Hewlett-Packard is launching HP Lounge, a music streaming service which will be available for free to consumers who purchase a brand new HP Computer. In a marketing move to make HP computers more attractive to a younger demographic with the inclusion of everyone's favourite pastime, music.

HP has partnered up with Universal Music Group to offer all brand new consumers one year of free music to people located in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.It will work like an internet radio program minus the ads. Music fans will have the choice of searching for music based on the artist, mood or genre and then a station will launch based along the criteria they have chosen. It's specifically tailored for the consumer and they will be rewarded with a unique experience. In addition to music streaming, consumers will also be given other exclusive music-related content such as interviews with Universal's artists, photos and videos, recording studio visits to Universal and even meet and greets with their favourite artists.

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This fantastic give away to attract millennials into purchasing a HP laptop is a clever move from the tech giants and one that will surely reap the rewards with music being key. We all know that everyone in particular Gen Y do not want to pay for music, so this is what will set them apart from the likes of similar models such as Spotify's subscription service. After 12 months has expired users can subscribe for a very low fee of around $5 usd to continue listening to their favourite music.

Ron Coughlin, senior vice president and general manager of HP's Printing and Personal Systems Group, said that HP is not trying to challenge the like of Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. “We're not trying to get into that business by any means,” he said. “Right now it's more focused on giving a better experience and thereby people preferring HP devices. There's also a bunch of co-marketing components to allow us to have more presence in the marketplace."

HP's internet radio is not to compete with Spotify, it is to differentiate and get the preference of the consumer

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Brands are starting to see that leveraging music in marketing is an authentic way into a consumers hearts through their ears. In this new offer, HP is certainly making music the forefront of the attraction, with music being emotive and cultural this offer should leave a lasting imprint on consumers. They are differentiating themselves from all the other brands out there who are offering a similar core product, giving the consumer preference over their competitors, and essentially giving them something for free and grabbing their attention. It is also allowing HP to insert themselves into the consumers daily lives in a seamless and non-intrusive way.

Here, at Tuned Global, we help our client's everyday to achieve the same things, providing great brands like HP to use the #PowerOfMusic and white label music streaming services in their core business strategy to engage with their audience, and help them to grow their business. We really believe that this new strategy for HP is a winning strategy because we've already witnessed similar success with our clients including Samsung, Coca Cola and JB Hi-Fi.

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