The music app that only plays on the Williamsburg Bridge NYC

The Brooklyn record label, UNO NYC, released on Wednesday 15th of July a music app that only works on the Williamsburg Bridge. It tailors a new 2 track playlist daily to your exact location on the East River overpass.

The "local’s" local station, WBBR is only broadcast on the bridge. The app switches on automatically when you arrive at the bridge and plays fast-paced songs as you move up the bridge and more chilled low tempo tracks as you travel down towards land.

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Coke's innovative "drinkable ad's" flow from TV to Mobile with Shazam

May 2015, Coke Zero launched a completely interactive campaign as part of it's sponsorship at the NCAA Mens Final Four competition. The idea was to use cool, new technology as a means of inducing consumers to try Coke Zero. In conjunction with their "drinkable billboard" the marketing strategy for Coke requires consumer interaction and offers of coupons, which is key in getting the consumer interested and engaged in the advertisement.

“By partnering with Shazam, that most millennial's are familiar with and have installed on their phones, we are able to use their sound recognition as a way to communicate how delicious a Coke Zero is and seamlessly deliver a coupon to try one.” said Danielle Henry, group director of integrated content marketing at Coca-Cola North America.

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