How Tech, Music & Marketing all form part of MasterCard & Gwen Stefani's Integrated Campaign

It goes without saying that an effective way into a consumers heart is through their ears!! And Gwen Stefani and MasterCard are doing just that with their new collaboration, they've joined forces in an interactive and engaging marketing campaign in the next series of "Priceless Surprises".

The credit card company, have been enlisting the help of popular singers such as Justin Timberlake in previous ad campaigns to their current muse, Grammy award winner Gwen Stefani. The concept is simple, the consumer needs to use their MasterCard with the Apple Pay function in order to be "surprised" with prizes such as concert tickets, to golf experiences, to meeting the Rock Goddess herself! With digital marketing being at the core of this very flashy ad, #PricelessSurprises is the campaign's hashtag which is being used to drive social media engagement for this fun and rewarding marketing strategy.

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How does H&M use music marketing to drive social media engagement?

With fashion and music closely linked in the Swedish retailer's new marketing campaigns, both "H&M Loves Music" and "H&M Loves Coachella" showcase the latest in pop star sensations and a very first co-branded music festival fashion line. The fashion brand's latest muse is singer-songwriter and all round IT girl, Florrie. Both campaigns are utilising new platforms and ensuring that the worlds of music and fashion intertwine by engaging in a wider audience. Known for its fast-fashion clothing for men and women, music is used as an integral extension of their brand voice.

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