How Victoria's Secret use music to create subliminal ambiences and connect with the consumer

The lingerie fashion house Victoria's Secret uses a musical fashion spectacular in order to promote and market its goods in high-profile settings. The element of music is added to the show to enhance the product and give the consumer a feel good vibe with its musical/fashion extravaganza. The runway event which is predominately filmed in the US brought its show this year to fashion capital London, and is aired each year before christmas.

Using music with prominent stars such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, the show has propelled the brand into mega success off the catwalk financially is paying some serious dividends to the lingerie house. Victoria's Secret marketing campaign has been an evolving and very clever one, which makes them the number 1 runway fashion show to view each year, people are excited to see who is performing and what wings the Angel's will be fluttering.

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3 things to learn from the marketing genius Pharrell Williams and his 'Happy' song

The song which has led Pharrell Williams to world domination literally and catapulted him to be every marketers dream is “Happy”. Not only is he a singer-songwriter, producer and fashion designer, but he understands the importance of marketing and getting the content right to reach a wider audience.

The single which went absolutely manic and the video which has had over 137 million views went viral spawning a copycat of videos done by people mimicking the rapper from Beijing to Barbados. The message in the song is clear and not only is it ubiquitous but it literally makes you feel good, it makes you feel... happy! The video for the first time ever in history had a 24 hour release which ran for 24 hours went viral. The effect of the video and the upbeat tune in addition to the positive lyrics of the song have all been a recipe for success and is a great example of using content to create community and to deliver on marketing objectives.

Heres 3 things that marketers can learn from Pharrell's successful relationship between content and marketing so that you can create your own brand's compelling content?
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Using music to generate awareness for a cause: 30 years later it still works for Ebola

Thirty years ago on November 28th, 1984 Sir Bob Geldof's Band Aid wanted to "feed the world" to fight famine in Ethiopia. Through music and an eminently worthy cause, much of the world actually felt connected, there is probably no better example than what was achieved thirty years ago to demonstrate how the power of music can be used to unite people and bring attention to a cause that was dear to Geldof's heart. Bob Geldof put together a star-studded line up with George Michael, U2, Sting and many more to record a song where the lyrics struck a chord with so many it became a worldwide hit, raising more than $10 million for the cause. Now, thirty years later Sir Bob Geldof has recruited a new generation of pop stars to "heal the world", once again counting on the power of music to evoke emotion and connect with the people of the world to raise money and help fight against Ebola, which is ravaging through Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

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