U2 & Apple - the BIG deal that forced 'Songs of Innocence' onto our Libraries

So whats all the fuss about! Big deal... right?! reportedly its a $100 million dollar deal that U2 made with Apple to release their new album in over five years to over 500 million iTunes users. The deal which made history and saw it coincide with the release of the iPhone 6.

Poor ole' U2 have been the victims of so much back lash for giving consumers a gift. Yes! A gift! It seems these days that we don't even like to receive things for free. We are given a whole CD of one of the biggest bands in the entire universe and we don't want it. Ok, I admit U2 is not for everyone, and but it made me wonder why the mass hysteria...

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Celebrities making videos go Viral

We were sitting down watching one of the funnest videos on youtube , a parody of the song 'All the Leaves are brown by The Sketch Show and we were stunned that it had just under thirty thousand views, so it got us thinking... WHY? do some videos go viral and some don't.

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