Will.i.am's new smartcuff Puls is a new way to communicate

Will.i.am, the frontman for the Black Eyed Peas, has spent two and a half years and his own money to create i.am+. The main product being a wearable wristband called PULS (pronounced 'pulse') that holds a music player, fitness tracking, GPS, pedometer, and popular social apps like Facebook and Twitter. It can also email, call and text, sans phone. Puls looks like a watch but it’s more. It brings together fashion, technology and music to create a new way to communicate.

Are wearables a new channel opportunity for brands? Does the celebrity cachet stand a better chance with Puls than its competitor's?
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Faces behind the music industry: The four young managers of Risky Entertainment, a music promotions company

On my quest to discovering 'who' some of the faces behind the music industry are, I decided to meet four young men who are entirely responsible for the phenomenon and the mass hysteria which is created every single week by one nightclub called Levels. Since its opening night on June 30, 2012 it has become one of the fastest and most successful branded nightclubs in Melbourne, mostly due to the vision that these four young men I'm about to introduce you to had. Every detail in creating a successful night weekly at Levels nightclub as well as all the other clubs that they are promoting comes from a well thought out plan and vision that they have. From the 'type of music' that they want played at their clubs to their 'weekly themes' no stone is left unturned.

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The Streaming effect...

Streaming is simply amazing... and it just keeps getting bigger and better as we move towards a millennium that gives us increased access to networks and further advances being made by technology.

Today, media can be streamed either live or on demand. Lets define Streaming...

"Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider."

There are so many different topics and mediums that you can stream from as I will give you a few examples in this article.

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