Tunelet signs a deal with Tuned Global that will help redefine the music streaming landscape in Africa
Tuned Global’s innovative turnkey platform and expertise in growing engaging music services will allow Tunelet to accelerate their launch plans in 2019.
Con Raso's opinion article: How music streaming creates a “Moment of Truth” for Indonesian Millennials

Tuned Global's CEO shared his opinion about music streaming in Indonesia and how it can help local brands to connect with their consumer, to better know them and ultimately to engage with them...

Nada Kita by Tuned Global, amongst the "Leading Free Music Streaming Platforms In Asia 2018"

Nada Kita is a music app available in Indonesia, owned by Tuned Global and launched in 2016. Two years later, with 2.3 Million installs it is listed as a leading streaming service in Asia,...

Nada Kita music app launches a unique solution for brands to connect with millions of Indonesian consumers

Tuned Global has created Brand Channels for its music streaming app, Nada Kita, to help Indonesian brands to integrate the #PowerOfMusic easily into their customer engagement strategy.

CNBC Asia "Japan's Line Music joins forces with Tuned Global"
Tuned Global's VP Asia, Spiro Arkoudis, talks to CNBC on the Australian mobile engagement company's technologies.
LINE MUSIC enters joint project with Tuned Global to boost its streaming service offering in Japan
Tuned Global’s unique capabilities and technology allows LINE MUSIC to ingest millions of new songs with great speed.
Nada Kita helps brands to engage with customers through music

Enables labels to monetise their content to support the Indonesian music industry.

Nada Kita, a new Indonesian music app, launched by Tuned Global and the largest local labels
The first music app, free and simple to connect Indonesian people to their local artists.

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