17 Mar, 2022

Musiio works with Tuned Global to improve music experience with AI

We are excited to announce our latest integration with Musiio! This is big news for Tuned Global's clients who can now access a huge pipeline of Musiio’s Music AI data through API integration to better manage their catalogues and offer an enhanced music experience! Access to Musiio’s enriched music metadata and AI, allows for the enhanced tagging of music for better playlisting and music discovery. The first to leverage this new integration is Thai media giant, GMM Grammy PLC, who have recently reached over 1M downloads in just three months!


  • Tuned Global’s clients can now easily access a pipeline of Musiio’s Music AI data via a technical API integration and attractive commercials
  • Musiio-enriched metadata allows DSPs powered by Tuned Global to better manage their catalogues and offer an enhanced music experience
  • Thai media giant GMM Grammy is the first client to benefit from the integration and has reached well over 1M users after only 3 months in market

Tuned Global announced a technical API integration with Musiio, a fast-growing artificial intelligence company for the music industry. Tuned Global’s clients now have access to Musiio’s AI technology, which makes music catalogues more searchable for both curators and end users, offering a better music experience.

Musiio AI can “listen” to music at scale, and supercharges the tagging and search capabilities of music catalogues. Correct tagging of music makes playlisting and music discovery easier for streaming services, and ultimately helps great artists be heard through the noise. Tuned Global’s clients in the music streaming, fitness, telco, social media and gaming industries can now enhance their music listening experiences through access to Musiio’s enriched music metadata.

Hazel Savage CEO and Co-Founder of MusiioOne of our guiding principles when developing our AI tools is to help great music get discovered. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with Tuned Global’s solution for localised music streaming. We’re thrilled to be working with their forward-thinking and capable team to bring world-class music navigation to all parts and segments of the music industry,said Hazel Savage, CEO and Co-Founder of Musiio.

Tuned Global clients can enroll into Musiio’s solution as soon as they contract with Tuned Global. Musiio scans an available music catalogue, analyses it and returns the corresponding metadata to the Tuned Global system. This information is then used in Tuned Global’s Content Management System (AutoTune) for clients to search tracks, curate playlists and automatically attach themes to playlists. On the end user side, this metadata is used to generate music suggestions and recommendations. This whole system is accessible as a turnkey solution.

Con Raso MD of Tuned_GlobalWe are always trying to find new ways for our client DSPs to enrich the user experience in their services and supercharge user engagement. This collaboration with Musiio does just that. Most streaming services have to pull data from a wide variety of sources - often this means that metadata can be missing or incohesive. Having a centralised system means that the catalogue is easy to navigate and make better recommendations, which is a real competitive advantage to new DSPs, added Con Raso MD of Tuned Global

GMM Grammy, a leading media and entertainment company in Thailand, is the first client to benefit from this music technology integration. Their Thai streaming service, Plern, launched only 3 months ago and has already Asawin Rojmethatawee GMM_Plernaccumulated 1+ million downloads. “In metadata-poor environments like Asia, the access to Musiio’s technology within Tuned Global’s platform helps enrich our local catalogue so it is searchable and more efficient for music recommendations. This allows the Plern team to better curate content and the end user to receive a more personalised music experience,said Asawin Rojmethatawee, Executive Vice President – Music Streaming Business at GMM Grammy PCL.

One of the tools offered by Tuned Global as a result of this technical API integration is an advanced Playlisting tool. Tuned Global clients can find tracks and curate playlists or radio mixes using the metadata generated by Musiio, combined with Tuned Global’s existing metadata (coming from record labels and their own algorithms), including genres, energy, mood, BPM, key, etc. “Presenting the solution to some fitness brands they realised they could curate a playlist for their classes in 1.5 hours instead of 12 hours previously, using our advanced playlisting tool,” emphasised Con Raso.

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