1 Dec, 2021

Tuned Global to power West African WAW MUZIK music streaming app

The well-established African streaming app WAW MUZIK has chosen Tuned Global as their B2B music streaming technology specialist to support the relaunch of their service in Ivory Coast and other African countries in the near future. Using Tuned Global’s scalable Streaming Service APIs they will improve app responsiveness, user experience, and supply chain management, ensuring new music releases from record labels such as Universal Music Group and Believe are available more quickly and with increased security.

WAW Musik streaming powered by Tuned Global

  • Tuned Global technology to power West African streaming service WAW MUZIK
  • Partners with Côte d’Ivoire major artists and Orange to deliver affordable and sustainable access to music streaming
  • Deal to further reinforce Tuned Global’s influence across Pan-African markets

Tuned Global, the world’s leading B2B music streaming technology specialist, is to support a major relaunch of popular African music streaming service WAW MUZIK.

Tuned Global has partnered with well-established streaming app WAW MUZIK in a deal that will advance the company’s plans to deliver a more accessible platform. WAW MUZIK seeks to offer greater benefits for users than competing services, all while supporting the development and enhancing the visibility of African artists and labels. With the app revamp initially relaunching in Côte d’Ivoire, WAW MUZIK expects to expand into wider French-speaking African territories.

The new partnership will see WAW MUZIK integrate its own front-end app with Tuned Global’s scalable Streaming Service APIs which will improve the app responsiveness and allow a great user experience regardless of how fast the service grows. Tuned Global will also provide improved management of the entire supply chain to ensure new releases are available quickly with increased security, delivering a catalogue of over 14 million tracks from labels and distributors such as Universal Music Group, Believe, Idol and Keyzit. Under their partnership with mobile operator Orange, WAW MUZIK will continue to function using a subscription model through the telecommunications network to facilitate both mobile money and airtime payments.

Jean-Philippe Audoli, CEO of WAW MUZIKJean-Philippe Audoli, CEO of WAW MUZIK, commented: “Tuned Global’s APIs give us ready-made access to advanced streaming features that allow us to provide the best possible service for our customers. We were particularly impressed by their automated content delivery technology, which guarantees that our users will be able to search for and access the content they want. Knowing our new back-end technology is fully scalable and reliable gives us all the more confidence in our plans to expand into new territories and grow our business further. This allows us to strengthen the West African music industry with improved remuneration of rights holders, and nurture cultural exchanges with other territories.”

The deal will see WAW MUZIK benefit from Tuned Global’s status as a one-stop-shop streaming provider for music, podcast, audiobook, video and live offering content delivery, cloud-based infrastructure, licensor reporting and billing.

Tuned Global brings seven years of experience operating in emerging countries, with a proven track record across South East Asia and African markets, including partnerships with African DSPs Deedo and Jabaa. These projects have demonstrated an innate understanding of how technological limitations, economic constraints, and local market nuances can influence the music consumption of communities in emerging countries.

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Con Raso CEO of Tuned_GlobalCon Raso, Managing Director of Tuned Global, added: “It’s important DSPs operating within emerging markets can continue to have access to the resources necessary to function within the demands of a challenging socio-economic and technological environment. We are extremely pleased to have initiated a new partnership that will meet and provide these essential service requirements while supporting the local music industry.”

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