1 Mar, 2016

Tuned Global integrates Triton Digital’s audio ad technology into its white label mobile music apps

Technology enables Tuned Global to offer best-in-class user experience and ad performance.


Tuned Global, an Australian white label digital music provider, has today announced a partnership with Triton Digital®, a leading technology provider for the audio industry. Through this partnership, Tuned Global will integrate Triton’s audio advertising technology to provide premium targeted audio ads in its white label digital music apps for its customer base in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and USA.

Tuned Global sought a leader in digital audio ad technology with extensive experience in mobile that would offer users relevant ads that are less intrusive and delivered in an intelligent way.  According to Con Raso, Managing Director at Tuned Global, the company was looking to maintain its position as a mobile-first company that delivers great user experience, while providing optimum ad performance and consumer insights, which in return offers a high ROI for its clients.

“We want to get closer to what the consumer wants, so rather than offering broad advertising we will be offering premium targeted ads using Triton’s sophisticated technology. Our solution offers higher user engagement by grabbing the consumer’s attention with relevant content using contextual data, rather than overwhelming them with invasive audio advertising,” said Con Raso.

Triton’s platform offers up to 50 demographical and geographical targeting criteria to find the best audience for each campaign and then delivers contextual ad content that is useful and relevant to specific consumers. It will enable Tuned Global to optimise the performance of its campaigns, filtering by audience preferences, interests and devices, as well as footprint and location.

The combination of this accurate location data, integrated with geo-fencing and demographic context from consumers’ mobile devices will enable Tuned Global to identify the interests, activities, shopping patterns and mobile behaviour of its target audiences at any given time and place, so that it can anticipate the right content to share at the most convenient and relevant time within its mobile music apps.

Tuned Global plans to sell the ad inventory of its clients directly to brands, which will be both audio and video ads as well as sponsored stations. The firm will also use Triton’s programmatic audio advertising platform, which is a market place where advertisers can push their ad campaigns and Tuned Global’s clients can integrate this ad content using rules they have set up to ensure the content is relevant.

“A highly engaged audience means more ad impressions to serve, and a highly segmented audience is an opportunity to drive higher ROI with premium targeted advertising for the brands we work with,” commented Con Raso.

The audio advertising market is highly fragmented and buyers and sellers suffer from a lack of standardisation and limited options for connecting audiences and advertisers with relevant and contextual content.  

“We are pleased to provide Tuned Global with the technology necessary to provide a best-in-class ad solution and an unbeatable listening experience across their mobile music apps,” said Benjamin Masse, SVP/GM of Advertising at Triton Digital.  “We are thrilled to include their audio inventory in our exchange, helping advertisers to connect with their target audiences in meaningful and significant ways.”

Currently a dominant player in the USA and North American markets, Triton Digital is using this opportunity to break into both the Australian and South East Asian markets, where Tuned Global is established as a leading B2B provider of white label digital music solutions. Triton is particularly interested in Tuned Global’s recent move into the Indonesian market, with its Asian headquarters having recently been opened in Jakarta.

“We only want to offer our users, customers and our advertising partners what’s best in market. Integrating Triton’s most optimum audio ad technology into our music apps guarantees that we deliver mobile solution that gives the most desirable results for all concerned parties,” concluded Con Raso.

About Tuned Global
Tuned Global is the leading business to business provider of white label digital music streaming and downloading solutions in Asia Pacific. The Australia and South East Asia headquartered company enables brands to harness the #PowerOfMusic as a potent marketing tool in their digital strategy to acquire, retain and engage customers, and collect valuable data to better know them. McDonalds, Coca Cola, Samsung, Virgin Mobile and L’Oreal have already trusted them.

About Triton Digital
Triton Digital’s® technology has connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally. As a pioneer in the space, Triton Digital has made that audience available programmatically for the first time, maximising audience buying efficiency for advertisers across the world.


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