12 Jun, 2020

Tuned Global appoints key executive to drive its expansion into Europe

Tuned Global has appointed Mario Forsyth, previously with competitor 7digital, as head of business development for Europe. Mario will be based in London and will support the company’s expansion into European markets.

Mario Forsyth, Head of Business Development for Europe at Tuned Global-1

Having worked with many leading brands across a range of industries within the in-flight entertainment, social media and fitness sectors through the region, Mario will help drive Tuned Global in achieving its ambitious growth targets in Europe.

Tuned Global has been actively building its European client base over the past year and is working with leading brands across Europe and Africa.

“Enquiries from the European market have been significant and continue to grow. The current pandemic has greatly impacted enquiries as people’s behaviours have changed and brought digital services into a sharp focus,” says Con Raso, managing director at Tuned Global. “It was a natural next step to have someone on the ground to be able to meet our clients in person, in their timezone,” he continued.

In his past roles, Mario has led strategic planning initiatives, marketing programme development, execution and performance analysis for top tier clients, including Fender and Global Eagle Entertainment. He also worked on negotiating global licenses between record labels, publishers and clients.

“Mario has spent more than 25 years in the music and technology industries, growing revenues, inspiring teams and boosting business performance and we are thrilled that he will be joining our team to drive our business in Europe through visionary leadership, effective management and industry knowledge,” said Con Raso.

Prior to 7digital, Mario was a mentor and key partner at Living Indie, which live-streamed gigs, working with artists such as John Grant, Nile Rodgers and the Wombats. His first venture into music was in marketing and distribution and he founded Amato Distribution, which was a global leader in dance music working with Tiesto, Underworld and the Chemical Brothers.

“I’m excited to be leading Tuned Global's expansion into Europe and beyond, where I will get to utilise the skills built up over my career, working closely with music services, labels and brands. Having the ability to deliver a full suite of services, including a ready to go white labelled music streaming application, will further establish Tuned Global's reputation in taking compelling digital campaigns to market,” said Mario Forsyth, head of business development for Europe, Tuned Global.

Tuned Global develops highly disruptive music apps that provide extraordinary value to brands and consumers alike. The company uses the #PowerOfMusic to deliver engaging content delivering immediacy and personality to consumers while providing valuable data analytics and business insights to brands.

“Music is now being accessed across a range of applications where it forms part of all of an offering to consumers, the expansion into online fitness and social media are great recent examples of that. Our aim at Tuned Global is to support clients' entry into the music space and we are now open for business in Europe,” continued Con Raso.

Tuned Global has worked with major blue-chip brands to deliver digital music solutions, including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Samsung, Virgin Mobile, Pizza Hut, Line Music, L’Oreal and Ed Sheeran.

Want to have a chat with Mario? Drop us a line and he will be in touch with you shortly.


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