12 Jul, 2022

Panel: Web3 Music Services

The Tuned Global team were delighted to attend the recent Sandbox Summit Web3 Special, Music Ally’s first in-person event in over 2.5 years! During the one day event, music industry and Web3 experts covered all the main aspects of web3 including NFTs, DAOs, web3 music services and the metaverse. Our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Con Raso was part of the panel "Web3 Music Services" alongside Audius, ReedSmith and HiFi Labs.

Web3 Music Services panel at Sandbox Summit

The event provided both strategic insight and practical advice to help attendees understand the opportunities that web3 offers and how best to navigate the complexities and uncertainties that surround so much of the hype around web3.

The panel discussion around Web3 Music Services covered several topics including:

  • What constitutes a web3 music music service and what examples of such services currently exist within the music industry?
  • When it comes to streaming what benefits and disadvantages does a web3 streaming service have when compared with more traditional streaming services?
  • What role do/can web3 music services play in other parts of the value chain?
  • How does “web3 music” fit into the other commonly-mentioned components of web3, like the metaverse, DAOs and De-Fi? Can you give an example of how a web3 song could connect to all these things in a coherent ecosystem?
  • Web3 music and songs are often about ownership or investment into the song. What sort of fan is this for? And what do they get out of it?
  • Web3 music in a sense runs counter to mainstream DSPs: anyone can consume the music by listening to it but ownership of an NFT element is prized – will both systems run in parallel or will they converge – will big DSPs incorporate this?

Watch the video of this session


More about the speakers

Con_Raso_TunedGlobal_04Con Raso - Managing Director and Founder, Tuned Global
Con is the founder and Managing Director of Tuned Global, a leading B2B streaming technology provider who help companies launch their own streaming services. Con is a life-long innovator and music technologist, who has created disruptive tech solutions in the transition from CD to download then streaming and now Web3. Working hand-in-hand with the music industry for the last decade, Con has worked across all aspects of streaming projects including supply chain, metadata, rights, catalogue delivery, distribution infrastructures, recommendation algorithms and monetisation. He is now exploring and embracing the new opportunities offered by Web3 and the Metaverse for music, and works with brands and rights holders in navigating this new space.

Roneil+(1)Roneil Rumburg - Co-Founder & CEO, Audius
Roneil Rumburg is co-founder and CEO of Audius, a music community and discovery platform that puts the artist in control. Audius is fully decentralised, owned and run by a vibrant, open-source community of artists, fans, and developers all around the world. Founded in early 2018, Audius serves millions of users every month, making it one of the largest crypto applications ever built. Prior to Audius, Roneil most recently co-founded Kleiner Perkins' early-stage seed fund, KPCB Edge. At KP, he was responsible for seed investments into Blockchain and AI companies, including Lightning Labs. Roneil attended Stanford University and previously co-founded a Bitcoin peer to peer payment company called Backslash.

goossens,sj_hi-cSophie J. Goossens -Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Sophie is a partner in the Entertainment and Media Industry Group and a member of On-Chain: Reed Smith’s Crypto & Digital Assets Group. She is a copyright lawyer fluent in both common law systems and civil law systems of copyright. Sophie combines academic knowledge with years of transactional and regulatory experience in the entertainment, media and technology sectors. She focuses on all issues shaping the future of the media industry from a technological, commercial, legal but also from a policy making standpoint. She advises a number of large clients and trade bodies in relation to internet platforms, the data economy, collecting societies and the adoption and transposition of the latest copyright directive. Sophie has significant experience in music (especially in multi-territorial licensing), games, social media, audio content and in advising companies operating in cutting-edge areas, including the next breed of entertainment and media services relying on artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain (including NFTs) or the latest content recognition technology. A former in-house lawyer, Sophie is highly commercial, practical, solution-focused and always attentive to industry dynamics. She is known as the go-to lawyer for innovation and first-of-its-kind content-based product launches.

dan-fowlerDan Fowler - Director of Open Source Projects, HIFI Labs
Dan Fowler has been involved with the development of Web3 and Music over the past 7 years. Previously mentoring startups from within the industry, and leading Strategy and Operations at JAAK, he has been engaged with, and helped shape, the growth of this emerging industry from conception.


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