2 Jun, 2022

Gabb Wireless launches new music service for kids with Tuned Global & LyricFind

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Gabb Music, the world's safest music streaming service for kids and teens, with Gabb Wireless. The radio-style streaming app, powered by Tuned Global's white-label solution, will be pre-installed on Gabb's mobile phones in the US. Gabb's innovative AI filtration process is removing songs with inappropriate lyrical content, using Tuned Global's content delivery service and their new integration with LyricFind. Users will access hundreds of mixes, curated from over a million songs, as well as new songs being added each week from well-known artists and major labels.

Gabb Music 2-1-1

  • Gabb Wireless chooses Tuned Global to power their music app and deliver a rights-cleared music catalogue
  • Tuned Global new integration with LyricFind allows Gabb to filter out sensitive content from the music catalogue
  • Gabb Musica is a new music streaming service believed to be the largest, clean music library curated specifically for kids

Gabb Wireless and Tuned Global are excited to announce today the launch of Gabb Music™, a custom-made children’s streaming service. Exclusively available for users of Gabb phones, the app is powered by Tuned Global’s white-label streaming technology. While most current music streaming services are built for adults first, with kids as an afterthought, Gabb Music was created to prioritize kid safety from the start.

Only child-friendly tracks are available on Gabb’s streaming service, which has been made possible throughTuned Global’s brand new integration with lyrics data company LyricFind and Gabb’s advanced and proprietary AI filtration system. This is a a first-of-its-kind process to scan millions of songs.

Tuned Global powers the delivery of a rights-cleared music catalog from rights holders to Gabb’s system including LyricFind’s song IDs. Gabb then uses LyricFind’s innovative data analysis and content filtering tool, LyricIQ, which is able to sort and rank lyrics based on 31 categories pertaining to profanity, sex, violence, drugs, politics and more.

Using these two industry-leading tools and their own filtering system (proprietary technology and human review, Gabb is able to remove inappropriate lyrical content from Gabb Music, making it the world’s safest music catalog for kids and teens. Users will enjoy hits from well-known artists and major record labels from all genres, including pop, hip-hop, country and rock and roll.

The service will be pre-loaded onto all Gabb’s new devices, while existing Gabb users will have the option to activate it remotely and add it to their mobile phone monthly billing.

Using Tuned Global’s white-label streaming app, the first iteration of Gabb Music is a radio-style streaming service - DMCA compliant, programmed themed stations, auto-generated programmatic radio stations based on a specific artist, song or genre. Gabb is using Tuned Global’s CMS and Playlisting tool to manage their service and curate their content. Over one hundred mixes have been curated from a catalog of millions of songs, with new music and themed mixes to be added each week.

ConRaso_TunedGlobal_3-1Con Raso, Managing Director and Co-founder of Tuned Global said “The Tuned Global team loves working on innovative streaming services that are bringing something new to the market. Gabb Music is catering for a specific audience with highly curated content. We strongly believe that these types of niche services can live alongside mainstream music services and continue to help grow the industry”.

Darryl_LyricFind-1-1Darryl Ballantyne, Founder & CEO of LyricFind said "Gabb Music is the perfect fit to showcase the power of LyricIQ in creating a safe, family-friendly streaming environment. As a parent myself, I know that this type of service fills a huge need in the marketplace. We couldn't be happier partnering with leading edge companies in Gabb Wireless and Tuned Global to help bring this service to life."

NateRandle_Gabb-1Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless said “Gabb Wireless needed the best-in-class music solution providers to build Gabb Music. We have high expectations in terms of music content, user experience, and the responsiveness of the service. Partnering with Tuned Global and LyricFind gives us the opportunity to deliver a premium family experience that kids and parents will want to listen to.”

Gabb Music will be rolling out exclusively on the Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus, with a free 30-day trial for new and existing customers. Once the trial expires, a Gabb Music subscription will be $4.99/month. Gabb Music will become available to all existing Gabb Phone customers over the next few weeks.

Want to know more about Tuned Global's music streaming solutions for OEMs, mobile providers and handset manufacturers? Drop us a line and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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