27 Jan, 2023

Music-inspired niche fitness app METAL WORKOUT partners with Tuned Global

We are excited to announce that the metalhead fitness app METAL WORKOUT will use Tuned Global’s API services in our most recent deal in the fitness space. No matter the genre, Tuned Global has been an essential partner for fitness companies, including online dance school Steezy, whose product relies on hip hop and R&B, among other types of music. Using a sub-genre is a clever way to reach an engaged niche audience in a crowded market. So shred and get shredded with Metal Workout!


Tuned Global has partnered with METAL WORKOUT, its latest customer in the fitness space, a fast-growing space where music is crucial. Tuned Global’s tools will ensure METAL WORKOUT’s on-demand video workouts for metalheads deliver the best user experience. By integrating Tuned Global’s APIs and playlisting tool, METAL WORKOUT can blast the right music for its Metal-loving subscribers at launch. (January 26; more info

Con Raso Managing Director at Tuned GlobalFitness went digital during the pandemic but is now experiencing deep differentiation as apps and platforms find their audiences. Many of those audiences are defined and motivated by music,” explains Con Raso, CEO of Tuned Global.We are here to turn great fitness ideas and communities into thriving apps that use music to make workouts truly enjoyable, providing a range of straightforward solutions to what was once an administrative nightmare.

METAL WORKOUT taps into the close ties between pumping iron and Heavy Metal, bringing together experienced coaches and athletes who also happen to be Metal musicians, beginning with Yann Heurtaux (Mass Hysteria, Karras) and Matthew K. Heafy (Trivium, Ibaraki). It’s part of a trend to make fitness more fun and effective by hooking into the music and lifestyle people already live and love. Some studies have shown, for example, that music can reduce the perceived difficulty of a workout by 12% and increase endurance by 15%

METAL WORKOUT Stephane_Lefevre_-1-1When we started the METAL WORKOUT project, we knew that being a bridge between two big industries like fitness and music would be very challenging,reflects CEO Stéphane Lefèvre. This bridge is made of Metal because we deeply believe that a bespoke experience based on segmented music makes the difference for Metal music fans. With Tuned Global, we have found the perfect match thanks to their tools and APIs to achieve a deep segmentation by sub-genres of Metal: Death, Thrash, Heavy, Black…


No matter what the genre, Tuned Global has been a key partner for fitness companies, including online dance school Steezy, whose product relies on hip hop and R&B, among other types of music. “Music increases engagement in digital fitness across many parameters, including session length and subscription retention,” notes Raso. “For music rights holders, it’s a win as well, as partners in the space can lead to new revenue streams and new listeners for labels, publishers, and distributors.

For startups like METAL WORKOUT, this expertise has been essential to launch: “Tuned Global’s content delivery and reporting system to rights holders are proven and scalable,” says Stéphane. ”We started in France with Believe, but soon we’ll be able to add Metal from the Majors’ catalogues, and our goal is to open new territories. Metalheads are a strong community everywhere in the world, and whatever the country is, we are united by Metal.

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