8 Dec, 2022

Music is Medicine: Tuned Global Helps New Medical Treatments Employing Music

Tuned Global is the driving force behind the music offerings of two companies, MediMusic and Nue Life Health, providing breakthrough approaches for daunting conditions. Using our music content delivery technology and our streaming service APIs these new generation medical companies are able to bring music to patients, helping them reduce pain, anxiety and stress but also supporting the ones with dementia and mental health conditions.

MediMusic - NHS - Tuned Global Music for health

Sound has long been used in healing. Now, tech-powered music and audio have become integral, evidence-based components in medical treatments, from memory care to pain management to PTSD and major depression. Some analysts expect the market for music therapy to grow to $4.42b by 2028, though this figure may be even larger, considering the trillions in estimated health-care market growth in the coming years.

Streaming media experts Tuned Global are announcing two new clients, MediMusic and Nue Life Health, using their music APIs to provide streaming music to patients in a variety of settings.

MediMusic has developed a revolutionary technology that prescribes music as medicine to reduce pain and anxiety. MediMusic’s proprietary algorithms extract the relevant features from a piece of music, resulting in a fingerprint for healthcare use. The MediMusic app works with the patient’s age, gender, nationality, and ethnicity and based on sociological and psychological science, it then compiles the perfect 20-minute playlist of soothing music to calm them.

Initial clinical NHS trials at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, found the use of MediMusic saw an up to 22% reduction in heart rate in patients living with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As well as helping those with dementia, MediMusic can also be used for pre/post operation, chronic pain, and dentistry, through to improving motor response as part of a physical rehabilitation program. MediMusic, which secured $1.4m (1.2m £) investment, was recently accepted into the Abbey Road Red accelerator program for music startups.

Tuned Global will provide metadata, music content, and streaming service functionality via its full suite of APIs. This also includes essential reporting to rightsholders, and a content management system to help MediMusic curators.

Nue Life Health brings ketamine therapy to more people needing new mental health treatments, including those with PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. Championing this more predictable psychedelic, the company has created a companion app to allow patients in the United States to interact with clinicians remotely and optimize their experience. Music forms a valuable layer in this app-supported experience that guides patients through ketamine sessions in the comfort of their own homes, unlocking more potential transformation and healing. With Tuned Global’s content delivery technology, they can access the millions of tracks they have licensed with essential labels and provide industry-standard stream reporting

Con Raso Managing Director at Tuned Global“High-quality music delivered seamlessly is essential to the success of medical innovators like MediMusic and Nue Life Health, who depend on streaming music to support treatments,” says Con Raso, Managing Director of Tuned Global. “We are delighted to be unlocking more opportunities for new models that channel music’s power to impact and heal, and to be the trusted music partner to these important new treatment modalities.”

Gary-medimusic-tunedglobalGary Jones, Co-Founder & CEO of MediMusic: “MediMusic has managed to digitally fingerprint the DNA of music so we can prescribe the right songs as medicine to ease anxiety and stress. You could say it’s a musical pharmaceutical. Tuned Global is helping us implement our vision of revolutionizing the way we treat people in pain and living with dementia through music, so they can lead better and fuller lives. We’re grateful for this partnership and for the best-in-class technology and ideal music it provides us."

Demian-Bellumio-NueLife-Health_TunedGlobalDemian M. Bellumio, Co-Founder of Nue Life Health: “Our musicologist-curated and algorithmically programmed playlists form an essential part of Nue Life’s at-home treatment offerings. Tuned Global helped us get the catalog and administration we needed to bring commercial, high-caliber music into the Nue Life experience in a seamless and efficient manner.”


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