M&M turns 75: Uses pop artists Aloe Blacc & Zedd to engage millennials

M&M, the best selling candy which claims to melt in your mouth and not in your hand, is celebrating 75 years with its biggest marketing campaign yet, “Celebrate with M".  The candy brand has been going strong since 1941, and this year, it's kicking the celebration up a notch with an amazing marketing campaign which promises to be filled with colorful fun. M&M's giving back to their fans with this campaign that aims to capture millennials and Generation Z consumers. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the chocolate brand is launching  a year-long marketing bash that will feature star-studded events, product innovation, music collaborations, and unexpected partnerships meant to cement the brand in pop culture history. The hero of the campaign is a spectacular modern twist on an old 1972 classic song, The Candyman, all in a bid to engage millennials.

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Raymond Weil celebrates 40 years with music streaming service

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil once again is using its passion for music as the creative centrepiece of its collaboration with Universal Music Group and the BRIT Awards. Music has always been an essential ingredient for Raymond Weil, and has been involved within the music industry for over three decades. The Swiss watchmaker is renowned for coining the phrase “Raymond Weil composes its timepieces the way musicians compose their chef d’oeuvres.”

This unique collaboration with UMG will be offering consumers a bespoke digital music streaming service. By aligning the brand so closely to the music industry in every shape and form - from exciting marketing campaigns to music sponsorship, this brand understands how the #PowerOfMusic can drive brand affinity with its consumers.

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1Rebel uses the #PowerOfMusic to boost customer engagement

1Rebel, a new chain of gyms in London, brands itself as the "anti-gym". It is revolutionising London’s fitness and will be looking to extend this successful brand globally. It is a no-contract ‘pay-as-you-train’ boutiques, infamously ditching the typical stereotype gymnasium model.

1Rebel is taking fitness one step ahead of its competitors by using the #PowerOfMusic to differentiate and add value to its services. Music is the focal point at 1Rebel gymnasiums with curated bespoke playlists and even live music to inspire and motivate fitness enthusiasts.

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Jeep's new #SuperBowl ad is a global push to engage millennials

Jeep used music in a bid to engage millennials and reinforce its brand identity, just in time for its 75th year anniversary at the Super Bowl 50. The ad named  “4x4 Ever”  is the most Shazamed ad of 2016 to date, and another ad called & "Portraits" won an award from the coveted Clio advertising industry competition. Both ads reflect on the brand’s rapid growth in recent years and are aiming to increase global sales by boosting Chrysler, Fiat and Jeep's combined sales to more than 2 million vehicles in the next five years.

Jeep is one of the brands under global car manufacturer, Fiat Chrsyler Automobiles (FCA),  and we’ve seen the company leverage music for sometime now.  Pairing the right music with the right car brand in the right campaign is proving to be a unique form of artistic expression for the automobile industry, and is a means to reach a niche audience, particularly millennials, who appreciate music in advertising.

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McDonald's PH uses music in advertising to build brand value

McDonald's Philippines has created a lovingly heartwarming and touching ad in time for the Christmas Celebration, which in the Philippines runs from September late into January 2016. This ad has touched many Filipino families, particularly because Christmas is the season where family members from overseas reunite with their loved ones. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is a growing phenomenon in the Philippines where a family member, most likely parents, explore opportunities abroad in the hope of making a better living for the family.   

This ad uses music as a tool for storytelling by using the lyrics of a song combined with strong local narrative to create authentic connection with its target audience. By doing so, McDonald’s Philippines has captured the hearts of its consumers using meaningful content and relevant music in advertising.

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Retailer "Very" uses music & data to drive high ROI marketing campaign

It's important for brands and marketers to recognize and harness the vast potential music can offer. We’ve seen last year how big brands cleverly used music in their marketing and business strategies, and by doing so, reaped high ROI. Marketing experts would agree that music, like no other, can connect brands to consumers. Afterall, music fans are the most loyal and passionate people in the world.

Using music to connect with your customers to better understand them via their listening habits is less invasive, and one where brands are able to collect more customer insights from. Universal Music Group knew that the billions of music data generated everyday can create new revenue opportunities for their artists and labels by creating powerful marketing and advertising opportunities for brands.

An example of that initiative is a marketing campaign lead by UMG and Havas Group for UK clothing Retailer Very. Using music and data analysis in a successful campaign that resulted in a ROI of 6 to 1, for less than half-a-million-dollars investment!. 

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Sony showcases headphones in experiential music marketing initiatives

In an engaging music marketing campaign held in the streets of Hong Kong, Sony gave music fans a curated listening experience with its first music minivan. The experiential campaign titled “h.ear Music Express” gave fans some live performances from local talents Phil Lam, Lil’ Ashes, Mischa and more.

Also in a bid to cut down on the noise and make it all about the music, Sony launched its first “silent party” to promote its new range of high tech devices designed to deliver high-res audio in style with two headphones as well as a new Walkman.

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The 10 best brand music strategies of 2015

2015 has proven to be a great year for brands who are using music as their hook to create meaningful and personal connections with consumers emotively. We’ve seen how music has been driving marketing in full force last year and has produced significant results. It has left little doubt that an effective way into consumers' hearts is through their ears.

In this article,we share our favorite brand music strategies which have successfully used music as a marketing tool to turn music-loving fans into brand-loving fans.

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American Eagle drives mcommerce sales with in-app music streaming

The trend of employing a music streaming service is fast becoming the latest marketing tool that retail stores are using to stand out in the crowded mobile commerce world, where more often than not, consumers are inundated with apps that get deleted as quickly as they're added or worse, have never been opened. 

Throughout American Eagle Outfitters stores, consumers are greeted by a collection of music which has been specifically curated in an effort to connect with music fans and give consumers an all-around brand experience. Now, the American clothing store is taking its music marketing strategy one step further by adding music streaming playlists to its mobile shopping app, ensuring that the mcommerce shopping experience is consistent with the in-store shopping experience.

By connecting with consumers over a shared love of music, this new music tool has kept consumers shopping in-app for longer periods and has boosted engagement and sales to its e-commerce app.

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Hunter engages millennials through music sponsorship

British heritage fashion brand Hunter is on a global mission to expand and integrate music into its marketing strategy in a bid to engage with festival-goers. Hunter is ramping up its ties for 2016 with music festivals and debuting new flagship stores in the highly sought-after fashion capitals of Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong.

The company is popular for its  Hunter Wellington boots and is on every festival goers must have items, so it made sense to leverage music in their marketing strategy to create an authentic connection with consumers.

Hunter’s creative director, Alasdhair Willis said: “Hunter has been on an incredible journey these past two years, gathering real momentum as we set about transitioning this 160 year-old business. During this massive transformative period,we have delivered four brand-defining Hunter Original shows at London Fashion Week.”

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