Turn up your music volume for louder mobile brand engagement

Companies like Honda and Dropbox are taking the centre stage in their industries by integrating music into their brand engagement model. By introducing musical elements like playlists and music communities, these companies are gaining Millennial momentum. Music streaming services have logged that “sponsored listening resulted in a 12% lift in brand awareness and a 30% lift in purchase intent for advertisers” (Fast Company).

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5 Ways to boost brand engagement by using music in a loyalty program

You don’t need to be a music producer to offer music as a reward to loyal customers. Build your brand engagement by introducing an element of music, whether it’s tickets to the latest gigs or a subscription to music streaming services. It’s not always about running discounts or cash back offers. In fact, consumers are beginning to demand experiences from brands more than ever, according to Momentum Worldwide.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate music in your loyalty program to build brand engagement and give the consumers what they want:

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Your brand’s customer retention tactics made attractive with music

There are several customer retention tactics that brands use to make them more prominent to their customer and to engage them better than their competitors. But what about making them attractive? Here are 4 customer retention tactics, made good-looking with music:

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Why music is key in your customer retention strategy

Have you ever caught yourself humming the theme song to a TV show, ad or even just a new song? Plenty of brands have figured this out and are using music in their marketing campaigns for better customer retention solutions.

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3 Success stories of marketing music for effective brand engagement

Using music in marketing to promote a brand isn’t a new concept, but when it’s teamed with UGC (User-Generated Content), it creates a dangerously intoxicating brand cocktail. Take a look at these three brands that successfully incorporated music and UGC to create un-stoppable branding.

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Is your brand building strategy as catchy as this song?

Use our quiz to find out if your brand is as catchy as this song:

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Connect with customers by building your brand through music

There’s no denying that music has an incredible affect on advertising sales. With 98% of people across the globe reporting that they listen to music, there is a big opportunity for companies to start building a brand with music. Music and brand engagement has a reputation for engaging customers and increasing ROI to brands over time and with the review of Nielsen’s “Emotions giving a Lift to Advertising” report (2016), it’s evident that ads with the best emotional response generated a 23% increase in sales volume.

Below are three important elements that leads music and building your brand to connect with customers better than any other means of content marketing.

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How music marketing builds brands that connect with customers

According to Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, “brands are running out of [marketing] juice”. Luckily for you, Roberts has a remedy for this, which he calls “Lovemarks”. Lovemarks is a term that refers to the process a brand follows to create an emotional connection with their target audience, through mystery, sensuality and intimacy. And how do leading marketers aplpy this to their brand building strategy? Through the #PowerOfMusic, of course.

Below is a list of what music marketing offers customers.

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How 3 hotels across the globe use music to grow brand affinity

Hotels are really seeing the value of using music to build brand value, and this article illustrates 3 hotels from across the globe who are using music in different ways in order to engage their patrons and offer a holistic branding experience. From music download cards, to live music and music tribute rooms , the opportunity to grow brand affinity and enhance guest experience through thoughtful use of music is strong and valuable. Because of its power to evoke strong emotions, music can empower brand-consumer relationships.

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Why customer engagement with brands is down in 2016

The changing landscape of marketing means that customer engagement has taken a hit leading into the first couple of months in 2016. Also affecting the level of engagement is the rise of the Millennial and what marketers understand in order to connect with them. To  understand what it is you should be doing to enhance your brand, it’s important to first understand why customer engagement dropped this year.

Here are the top 4 reasons that brands are seeing less customer engagement in 2016:

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