Turn shoppers into loyal customers with a brand building strategy

There are several steps that a shopper takes on their journey to becoming a loyal customer using brand building strategies. During the process, the marketer needs to ensure they Attract, Convert, Close and Delight the shopper and turn them into their best customer. But how do get from Attract to Delight? With quality content and by building your brand's emotional connection with your customer through music, you will see an increase in shoppers becoming loyal customers.

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Unique ways to engage your audience when building your brand

Engaging with your audience with unique methods is meant to be done in a timely, consistent manner. With 72% of customers expecting to hear from the company within the first hour, brands have more to do than ever before. Below are the key points for building a brand with music by increasing audience engagement to potentially enhance your brand’s ROI and gain more customers.

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1Rebel uses the #PowerOfMusic to boost customer engagement

1Rebel, a new chain of gyms in London, brands itself as the "anti-gym". It is revolutionising London’s fitness and will be looking to extend this successful brand globally. It is a no-contract ‘pay-as-you-train’ boutiques, infamously ditching the typical stereotype gymnasium model.

1Rebel is taking fitness one step ahead of its competitors by using the #PowerOfMusic to differentiate and add value to its services. Music is the focal point at 1Rebel gymnasiums with curated bespoke playlists and even live music to inspire and motivate fitness enthusiasts.

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