Music is an opportunity for effective customer engagement

Creating an engaged audience is made much easier when they are connected emotionally to your brand. By using music in your brand strategy, you are appealing to the emotions, memories and even affecting heartbeat rhythm, all while tying in your brand. It’s a powerful customer engagement strategy that only few companies are beginning to understand the full potential of. It’s no longer about putting a jingle to your radio add, or playing your favourite CD at your brick and mortar.

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How social music engagement enhances online customer retention

Making shareable content is more important than ever before.

The most shared video on social media has over 16 million Facebook shares, 6.3K LinkedIn shares, 317.3K tweets, 1.9K pins on Pinterest and 1.6 million Google + shares. What makes it more interesting is that it’s a music video, not a funny cat clip as many would have guessed.  

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How Coke improved customer retention & engagement with music

Coca Cola have long been a leading company in selling feelings and experiences, rather than just selling beverages. Their marketing strategy has been strongly tied to music and customer engagement, which has carried the company through two world wars, a depression, a global financial crisis and even an elevation in health awareness. As an international giant, they have a lot to teach the rest of us.

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Use the best customer retention technique to engage with employees

There are plenty of customer retention techniques you can apply to help your employees engage more with your brand. But many are time consuming to put into place, monitor and, quite frankly, a bit expensive. But there is one thing that you can do immediately to change the way your employees behave while they are at work. Turn up the music!

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Customer retention insights: what turns consumers on or off brands?

Customer retention and engagement is easier than ever now that marketers know what turns customers on and off brands. Outlined below are companies that are nailing their brand strategy with simple marketing techniques. To help you work out what you can do to turn your customers onto your brand, learn from winning methods and heed the warning from companies who have chosen losing methods.

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Customer retention: make 15min feel like 5

Someone once famously said “time flies when you’re having fun”, and this couldn’t be truer than when music is used to make a dull task fun.

But what does that mean for a company attempting to improve customer retention and engagement?  When you’re selling something that isn’t considered to be a “fun” product or service, it can be hard to see how you can make it fun in order to retain customers.

One extreme example of this is Ironman competitions, where music is prohibited from use by any competitor who does not want to face disqualification.

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Improve your brand building strategy by speaking to consumers needs

There are 4 ways that a company’s brand building strategy caters to customers’ needs using emotional triggers – without making it seem like a marketing trick. What your customer needs may not be readily apparent to them, but by learning about using emotional triggers; your brand building strategy has a better chance at retaining the customers you gain.

The team at has created this comprehensive infographic to break down how to address 4 of the senses to establish a connection with your brand and improve your brand building strategy.

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Retain customers with the help of these brand engagement quotes

There are several key elements to successful brand engagement, from simply hiring the right staff, to acting on your worst feedback. The world’s leading business people, entrepreneurs and marketers give advice better than anyone else, so scroll down to see what their tips are when it comes to brand engagement and retaining your customers.

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Using brand building to acquire new customers

There’s been a lot of buzz about the best way to acquire new customers through brand building, which includes long lists of things to do and working with other companies for support. But what if it’s much easier than that? What if you can take user-generated content and use it for new customer acquisition?

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Creative ways brand building improves customer engagement

The biggest mistake brands are making is waiting for customers to approach them. This is lazy and will not improve your engagement. Take control over your brand and push yourself to have regular sessions purely geared for enhancing customer engagement and building your brand. Take note of these five creative ways to connect with your customer and give yourself the chance to be part of the 8% of companies to receive a top grade by their customer (Bluefin Solutions). These top five tips are created to guide you to a better brand building strategy for you and your audience.

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