How social music engagement enhances online customer retention


Making shareable content is more important than ever before.

The most shared video on social media has over 16 million Facebook shares, 6.3K LinkedIn shares, 317.3K tweets, 1.9K pins on Pinterest and 1.6 million Google + shares. What makes it more interesting is that it’s a music video, not a funny cat clip as many would have guessed.  

But why is music the best online customer retention method? Because music engages people, and according to Nielsen, 35% of time spent on mobile is using social media apps and browsing websites. To make this more interesting, the research company also stated that “music is the second largest driver of active reach and unique audience within the entertainment category (after Video / Movies).” In August 2015, Nielsen found that 8.2 million Australians listened to or viewed music-related content over the course of the year. Brands can definitely increase mobile engagement through the #PowerOfMusic.

For one company’s perspective on shareable content, here’s a snapshot of GoPro:

In December 2015, GoPro posted a video that went viral almost overnight. It’s now one of their most shared content on social media with over 359K shares on Facebook alone. The video isn’t of a GoPro user giving a review, it’s the combination of travel, action and music that makes this short clip impossible to ignore. This video has been cooked up by the marketing teams at GoPro and Red Bull, and people are loving it.

GoPro’s online customer retention strategy has seen an increase, with a 16.2% ROI increase in 12 months, and they aren’t alone. GoPro have found music so valuable that they have a website dedicated to musicians who are interested in amplifying their reach by uploading their music for GoPro to use in campaigns.

According to the Social Media Report by Sensis, social media use in Australia has jumped from 30% in 2011 to 49% in 2015, across all age groups. While many reasons exist for using social media, “sharing photos and videos” is what 45% of people stated, second only to “catching up with family and friends” at 92%.

GoPro have even found a theme song, per se, that they have applied successfully to many of their videos, with the artist Lindsey Stirling stating, "I'd like to think that (the song) 'Crystallize' is a very positive, empowering song and that when people listen to it, they feel that enabling power in themselves to go out and achieve their goals and dreams."

Here’s one clip that GoPro has used Crystallize for:

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