Music is an opportunity for effective customer engagement

Music is an opportunity for effective customer engagement

Creating an engaged audience is made much easier when they are connected emotionally to your brand. By using music in your brand strategy, you are appealing to the emotions, memories and even affecting heartbeat rhythm, all while tying in your brand. It’s a powerful customer engagement strategy that only few companies are beginning to understand the full potential of. It’s no longer about putting a jingle to your radio add, or playing your favourite CD at your brick and mortar.

Effective customer engagement exists through music when you use it to build an emotive experience for your buyers. But before scanning your playlist for your brand’s song, take a look at the below topics to see how to use music in your brand strategy. 

Use Music Respectfully

In a recent interview with Dr Robert Heath, a professor at the University of Bath, music was labeled as one of the key influencers for marketing professionals to use when building their brand strategy. He also mentions that creating an emotive response is the most effective means to connect with customers, which is easily brought about by using music in campaigns.

Dr Heath states very clearly  that although you may be looking to generate empathy, it’s important to respect the audience (and music) by not attempting to manipulate them.

“But if a sentimental ad isn’t really well directed, it can really miss the mark and fail to resonate. Yet if an ad is clever and entertaining, it can get a high rating on Emotive Power even though it doesn’t include any people. One thing that’s really important to bear in mind is that you don’t need impact to create an emotive response… Indeed, as we found in the 2015 Super Bowl, if ads are too obviously trying to influence your emotions, they can easily spark a serious backlash.”

Speak with Music

One terrific example of successful branding through music is Smirnoff Vodka. Despite the fact that the product is harder to sell due to the laws surrounding what alcohol companies can and can’t do, Smirnoff has mastered branding through music. The below YouTube clip by Smirnoff shows you exactly what their thought process is, with subtitles even, making it impossible not to feel connected.

If this ad were to be about Smirnoff’s new packaging and its benefits, people would switch off. But thanks to the muted beats, created to imitate what a deaf person hears, and a compelling rhythm, Smirnoff have achieved more than stating the obvious. They’ve been able to achieve effective customer engagement and they haven’t even mentioned their product.

Have Fun with Music

When you have fun with your brand, your customers will notice. Apple have caught the attention of their audience well with the below clip.

Again, Apple doesn’t need to list their features, because the experience is what their customers are looking for.

Take these things into consideration when applying music to your customer engagement strategy and avoid appearing manipulative, blatant and boring. By respecting your audience and music, giving a voice to your company and having some fun with your brand, customers will be able to see the inherent positive effect your brand will have on their lives.

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