How to drive effective customer engagement? Think mobile

How to drive effective customer engagement

Most consumers have already researched your store online (if it’s new to them) before they’ve stepped a foot inside the brick and mortar. But what if the brick and mortar is where you’ve spent all your time building your brand?  If you’re not seeing the ROI you want, it could have something to do with the mobility of your brand and its lack of effective customer engagement. What has worked in the past may no longer be working for your audience as Millennials take over the buyer’s market.

According to the Social Media Report 2015 by Sensis, 24% of all Australians are using social media to “follow or find out about particular brands or businesses in general”, 20% of people use social media to follow brands for offers and promotions and 19% research products and services they may want to buy. That’s over 60% of Australians who are accessing online information about brands. So if your brand’s mobile customer engagement doesn’t stack up to the same experience in-store or in-office, that could be the reason you aren’t seeing the conversions you would expect for your industry.

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When you consider this, it’s clear that your brand needs to be mobile to improve customer engagement because that’s how they are finding out about your product or services.

Like many companies that are taking over the market with new music partnerships, your brand can see improvement with the element of sound. Music has been proven to build emotional connections and create exclusivity, with 73% of people thinking that music partnerships improve brand image (Digital Strategy Consulting).

Brands like Red Bull, Marriott Hotel and Starbucks are leading the charge with mobile customer engagement with music streaming partnerships and music communities. In fact, as it turns out, millennials don’t get sick of songs as quickly as older generations do and studies by Momentum Worldwide show that 81% of millennials said music triggers their best memories and will listen to 6-10 hours of music every week, compared to non-millennials, who report 1-5 hours.

The below infographic explores methods that you can apply to your brand for more effective mobile customer engagement, employing effective tools like music to elevate your brand’s status above others in your industry.

branding across the new digital environments

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