Your brand’s customer retention tactics made attractive with music

Your brand’s customer retention tactics made attractive with music

There are several customer retention tactics that brands use to make them more prominent to their customer and to engage them better than their competitors. But what about making them attractive? Here are 4 customer retention tactics, made good-looking with music:

Blog post writing

Blog writing builds trust with your audience, adds value to your customer’s lives and establishes your brand as an expert amongst your competitors. But nothing says handsome blogging like music, and Topshop is one company whose blog has its own music category. They even got Beyoncé on their side for a new activewear range. This clothing line is made extra attractive being endorsed by the Queen of Pop Music, as seen in this engaging video clip.


Listening to customer feedback

Wendy’s cannot be given enough recognition for their fantastic way of re-purposing their customer feedback in an effort to improve their customer retention tactics. They took their customer’s tweets about their new burger and turned them into a song, thanks to Nick Lachey’s vocals. It makes for comical, yet attractive branding – that also goes viral.

Using social media for engagement

Strong and cool brand Under Armour uses social media to post inspirational clips of athletes regularly. Their YouTube page gives a 360 degree insight into the training lives of Olympians, with the perfect playlist overlay for each video. By using music to engage, Under Armour is building their customer retention and loyalty to be as strong as the athletes they revere.

Rewarding loyal customers

Starbucks have stopped selling physical CDs and are now involved in music streaming. Starbucks customers are able to give feedback on the music played at their local coffee spot. Starbucks app users will also have access to playlists created by the company’s baristas. “For many, many years, music has been a very significant part of the Starbucks experience,” CEO Howard Schultz said, “The music in our stores gave us license over the years to be in the physical CD business and as many of you know that turned into a very, big and important business for Starbucks.”

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