Is your brand building strategy as catchy as this song?

Is Your Brand Building Strategy as Catchy as This Song?

Use our quiz to find out if your brand is as catchy as this song:


Q1. If you were to hear a 5 second clip from a song, chances are you can tell who the artist is. The same should be said for your brand building strategy. If customers see/hear one aspect of your brand (podcast/blog post/image) are they able to tell it’s from your company?

  1.     No idea. TBH, we have little/no direction or strategy (0 points)
  2.     Possibly- we have a brand building strategy, but sometimes we are too rushed to stick to it. We mostly just put our logo on stuff to make it “ours”(2 points)
  3.     Absolutely. We have a brand building strategy and plan in place months in advance and regularly assess content to ensure it’s on point with our brands’ voice and messaging (4 points)

Q2. Much like Sia’s hairstyle, Kurt Cobain’s striped green t-shirt and Beyonce’s bootylicious body; your brand should have a consistent element across everything. What level of consistency would you say your brand has?

  1.     We have a logo and tag line that is attached to all our content (1 point)
  2.     Each piece of content we produce is loosely based around our brand. Being a busy company means we don’t have time to plan in advance or re-check work before it’s distributed (2 points)
  3.     Our strategy involves rigorous editing against a checklist to ensure it’s targeting our audience in a way that reflects our brand (4 points)

Q3. Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift creates a genuine experience for her audience. She understands her target audience may have similar experiences as her, using them to create a bond. Is this what you have been doing with your brand?

  1.     Our brand isn’t able to create emotional connections with our customers as well as TayTay, because we are in a boring industry (1 point)
  2.     We see our customer’s pain points and lightly address them, but we don’t get too involved in their emotions because that’s not the business we’re in (1 point)
  3.     Emotions are the driving force of any consumer and we harness it with music (5 points)

Q4. Lyrics speak about a multitude of things; love, hate, struggle and passion – all within one song, adding to its catchiness. Does your brand embrace all these elements?

  1.     Our brand is more about getting the point across that we have a great product/service to sell, so we don’t worry about depth in our strategy (1 point)
  2.     We only want to focus on the good, so we only push love and passion all day, everyday (2 points)
  3.     We realise our consumers feel all sorts of emotions, so we try to speak to them on as many levels as we can to build that connection (6 points)

Q5. A catchy song isn’t just about music and lyrics. It’s about blending imagery with creativity to produce an un-ignorable experience for the audience. What about your brand creates un-ignorable experiences?

  1.     We have ongoing offers of freebies and competitions that we promote on social media (2 points)
  2.     Our brand ambassadors do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating experiences. Occasionally we will also use music to build our brand. (4 points)
  3.     We are able to cater specific messages to our customers based on the feedback we monitor as part of our brand building strategy. Through this we connect on a personal level and we find that our customers keep coming back to us. (6 points)

Q6. Do you promote as well as Justin Bieber with variations of your own brand? Justin has remixed versions, acoustic versions and live versions of his catchy song. Can you say the same about yours?

  1.     Our brand offers the customer a one-time opportunity to capture our content (1 point)
  2.     We have varied tweets to promote our content, which is targeted at different levels of consumer, but that’s probably the extent of it (3 points)
  3.     We re-create blog posts into memes, infographics into podcasts and videos into lists so that our brand can better capture our audience’s attention (5 points)

Q7.  You can hum your favourite song of the moment all week and it never gets old. What about your brand is “hummable” and is of so much value to your customer, that it never gets old?

  1.     Huh?? How can a brand be “hummable”? (0 points)
  2.     Our brand can definitely be “hummable” at times, but we’re interested in knowing how to build our brand with music to keep it evergreen and memorable for our consumers. (2 points)
  3.     We are literally “hummable”, because we use music to promote our brand (4 points)


Between 0-9


You don’t have the best brand building strategy, if any, and your content is lackluster and rejected by most customers. Much like Nickelback, you are trying hard to compete with the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers or Oasis, but your brand is lacking that catchiness that the audience loves. You might have fleeting ideas that could get you up there with the best of them, but you don’t have the stamina to maintain or develop it.

Read more about how other brands used music to give them that catchy edge needed to be able to compete with competitors.

Between 10-19

New Radicals

“You get what you give” in the brand marketing world, and this is especially important in 2016 than it ever has been. You’ve had a few one-hit-wonders in terms of content that can be labeled as catchy, but for the most part your brand isn’t on target. You see what your audience wants and needs, but something is stopping you from really being their reliable brand. When you give your best to your customers, you get the best back – so stop worrying and start planning on how you can help to make your brand catchier.

Between 20+

Rolling Stones

Congratulations! You have the brand catchiness of a Rolling Stones song. You consistently produce content that backs your brand’s values and goals and exceeds the expectations of your customer.

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