4 Best music genres for brand building & audience engagement

Music genres

Time Magazine took to Twitter in December 2014 to work out which genres were the most talked about in the lead up to the Grammys. Thanks to this information, you can easily apply it to your company’s brand building strategy and see the difference it makes.

The information targets countries and cities and highlights what is most popular out of the list of genres they have narrowed down. This information can be a brand building game changer, especially when combined with the statistics from IPA Databank (taken 2008-2012), which concluded that campaigns were 27% more likely to see positive effects from the use of music, over a campaign without music.

From this, we can assume that the following music genres are the best for Australian audience engagement:

  1.     Rock (24% overall global popularity)
  2.     Pop (8% overall global popularity)
  3.     Rap/Hip Hop (11% overall global popularity)
  4.     Country (7% overall global popularity)

*Statistics from Statista.com

Over the past few years, several companies have incorporated music in their brand building strategy and have seen the success first hand. Moreover, statistics from Digital Strategy Consulting show that brands that have used music in their marketing and business strategy have increased ROI, with 70% of companies stating that music helps a brand building strategy to separate itself from the pack.

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