Faces behind the music industry: The four young managers of Risky Entertainment, a music promotions company

The four young managers of Risky Entertainment

On my quest to discovering 'who' some of the faces behind the music industry are, I decided to meet four young men who are entirely responsible for the phenomenon and the mass hysteria which is created every single week by one nightclub called Levels. Since its opening night on June 30, 2012 it has become one of the fastest and most successful branded nightclubs in Melbourne, mostly due to the vision that these four young men I'm about to introduce you to had. Every detail in creating a successful night weekly at Levels nightclub as well as all the other clubs that they are promoting comes from a well thought out plan and vision that they have. From the 'type of music' that they want played at their clubs to their 'weekly themes' no stone is left unturned.

Where every one person that succeeds hundreds fail. The four young men Boris Radman, Adrian Ziella, Lucas Gugliandolo and Maurice Sacco have certainly succeeded by working extremely hard in a legitimate business with vital connections and building relationships and not taking for granted that their life is one big party!!

Yes doing what they do has some pretty glamorous perks like front of the line privileges, hobnobbing with the 'beautiful people' and special treatment from venue staff. But make no mistake these four young men who started up their promotions company in 2010 work extremely hard. They're highly skillful and organised with superior networking skills and working knowledge of the music industry.

Risky Entertainment is a music promotions company which began in 2010 by the collective Adrian, Lucas, Maurice & Boris which makes up Risky Entertainment. Little did these young guns from the Northern & Western suburbs of Melbourne ever envisage achieving as much as they already have in four years since starting their business. They have turned clubs on their heads with the style of music being represented mainly of hip-hop , RnB, House Music, Bounce & Trance. They also decided to buy their very 1st nightclub in 2012 {the old TFU} at the age of 24 years and turn it into one of the most successful & bustling clubs that Melbourne has seen for years!

Queue to Levels Nightclub on Bourke St, MelbourneThe queues that Bourke Street Melbourne boasted for metres were nothing short of incredible. They have been successful in creating a brand called Levels Nightcrawler which is in every sense of the word phenomenal and has a crowd boosting with enthusiasm , waiting for up to two hours sometimes just to get into the doors.

Adrian and Lucas started a 'internship' so to speak promoting for one of their favourite nightclubs called Platform 1 with key promoters like Mark Pellegrini to look up to - they were inspired to try their hand at becoming promoters themselves and decided to roll the dice and give it a go.

Maurice, Adrian & Lucas began to promote Fashion Lounge on Friday nights and were extremely successful at it, they wanted to do even better numbers and reach a wider group of nightclub revellers so they asked their friend and DJ, Boris Radman to join their team and the four of them started Risky Entertainment back in 2010.

What has been Risky's greatest achievement to date?

Lucas Gugliandolo & Craig David backstage at Melbourne Concert Bringing out Craig David to tour 3 shows in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast) in 2013. We had aspired to bringing out an RnB star and we thought why not make it one of our favourite childhood musicians growing up. We made the right contacts and asked the right questions and with a lot of sweat we did it. The tour was a success. And of course owning our own nightclub Levels!! We can tick that one off our 'bucket list' also!

What was Craig David like?

He was bloody sensational! Phenominal performer! Lit the shows on fire! Sounds as good as he does on record and the best part for us as childhood fans , he lived up to the dream as a true upstanding bloke , a true professional and sincerely genuine bloke! We would love to have him tour back in Australia!

What are some of the clubs you have organised promotions for?

Marrakesh, Fashion Lounge, Crown Casino (Forever Superclub), Baroq, Cargo Hall, Billboards, Eve, The Motel, Watermark. We also run 4-5 events throughout the summer for schoolies down at Sorrento and Rye, we do a couple of nights at The Conti and also run a boat cruise for The Lady Cutler every January! Good way to spend a summer!!

Where do you discover and shop for new music?

Were very lucky being in this industry we get to hear lots of new music live doing our jobs and then we access new music via the internet and SoundCloud.

What is the future for Risky Entertainment?

DJ  mixing music on his turnstilesWell we are very excited to be starting a new business venture , a DJ talent agency called The Nightcat Agency, we currently have 11 young residents with some massive talent in there and they play at all of our venues at the moment. We are also wanting to branch out and do some massive music festivals annually. Obviously still building on our weekly nightclub brands by keeping them fresh and inventive! We don't like to sit on our laurels! And were planning some more work with our good mates at the Crown Casino. 

How do you think the music industry is evolving?

Thank you to this fresh group of young men who certainly do not depict your typical 'promoters' silhouette! They're professional and very personable and with four of them with varying tastes and talents - I'm certain that the future for Risky is going to be one that had decades more to come.

If you want to keep up to date with what's hot and hip about town then check out the boys on their Official Facebook page Risky Entertainment

Special thanks to all photos courtesy of Risky Entertainment.

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