Written by Virginie Chelles

Virginie is the Head of Marketing at Tuned Global and has built her marketing expertise helping prestigious brands like Total, L'Oreal, Kia Motors, and Jim Beam ace their digital strategies while working for a top-notch digital agency in France. With her extensive experience in the digital landscape, she guides Tuned Global's clients to build deep and successful marketing strategies to promote their branded music solution and achieve their business goals.
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Study on music streaming habits in Indonesia - 2016

With a massive population of over 250 million, big companies have their eyes set on Indonesia. Statistics show that the total number of mobile phone users for 2017 is expected to rise to a whopping 173 million, making this country an attractive territory for mobile marketing.  

But while Indonesia is a promising market because of the density of its consumers on mobile, geography is a hurdle for all marketers. With over 17,000 islands and more than 726 dialects spoken across the archipelago, how can brands reach this seemingly fragmented audience?

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How Coke improved customer retention & engagement with music

Coca Cola have long been a leading company in selling feelings and experiences, rather than just selling beverages. Their marketing strategy has been strongly tied to music and customer engagement, which has carried the company through two world wars, a depression, a global financial crisis and even an elevation in health awareness. As an international giant, they have a lot to teach the rest of us.

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